Happy Birthday, JHope! You are our hope and angel 💜 Best of Hoseok (정호석) Playlist

You have a passion for dancing, with that, you auditioned for Bighit and made it into BTS. You bring so much to BTS, I often feel that you are overlooked, which is beyond sad because you are so gifted, your voice is amazing and distinct, it is melodic and beautiful. And you can rap and sing both amazingly, which has to be mastered to sound like you do. You dance like you were born to, your personality is a beam of sunlight, and your visuals are astounding, you look so fine. And your music sounds like you, it is so original and happy, I love it for that, I love your mind, your heart, your smile, please never stop smiling. We love you so much Jung Hoseok.

I purple you 💜, stay just the way you are, you are important and without you, our lives would be that much grayer

Stream EGO and Airplane, support our hope
Appreciate Hoseiok more, 7 is 7 love all of them equally, please 💜

Stay Spicy and have the brightest day 😉