we had jin teasing bts so here the empire [bts] strikes back woohoo even jin is teasing himself in this special edition. a note of caution: 3J scenes are spectacular. they have such excellent energy teasing jin together 😀

if bts teases jin about his age, is he 3 or 30? since they tease him at both ends of the spectrum…. its confusing… nvm conclusion: Seokjin, vampire.

I had a lot of fun making this video so I hope my joy transcends through space to reach all of you watching this video~~!

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~늘 재미있는 맏형 몰이~
방탄이 오래갈수있는 이유중 하나는 진이가 맏형이여서인것같다… 어린친구들 사이에서 저렇게 웃어넘기는게 쉬운게 아님. 속상할때도 많을텐데 웃어넘기늗거 보면 자존감도 높고 성격 정말 좋은거 같음.
너무 착해 석지니 옵바?
~맏형의 권력~

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