Maknae Line is Hoseok’s Babies (Jhope can’t stop loving them)


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Thank you all so much for watching! I always loved how Hoseok showers the members with his loves, kisses and hugs, so I made a video about it!

songs used:
J-hope- Piece of Peace pt1 instrumental ver.

video credits:
bangtan subs
Bangtan Boys

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Yoongi exchanges the mic before the mic drop :

Taehyung’s stage accident & Yoongi’s quick response:

Lucky fans receive gifts from BTS :

Wrong Song Played for Mic Drop performance:

Jungkook’s mic accident :

Sudden Change in DNA choreography:

Yoongi’s Knee Injury & RM’s response:

Taehyung suprises Jungkook during stage:

Jimin plays a prank on RM during Anpanman:

——————Song edits ——————-
Seesaw in the rain version :

Sea at the beach:

4 O’clock at 4AM:

Moonchild in the rain:

Promise in the rain in forest: